Photo Book Design Software for Professional Photographers

Until now, most designs for printed photo albums have been created using specialty software that DTP designers use to create layouts in CMYK format for printing. With the arrival of an era in which it is now possible to order single copies of high-quality photo albums, it has become necessary for professional photographers to edit high-quality photo albums themselves, using the RGB format for natural color reproduction. Based on these trends, we developed AsukaBook Maker 2 as the optimum professional photo album editing software never before available. AsukaBook Maker 2 retains high quality with RGB, while also providing the functionality required by professional photographers.

Loaded with Functions

When editing photo albums in RGB format, until now, most people used commercially available consumer-grade software. However, while this software is optimal for retouching photographs, it does not include many of the functions required for designing layouts for photo books. Primarily these functions include layout templates, borders, masks, drop shadows, and keylines. Although these methods have required much time and work in the past, AsukaBook Maker 2 now allows them to be performed in an instant. In addition, AsukaBook Maker 2 provides an AutoLayou option, as well as an Organizer option where you can allocate your images to each spread prior to opening the design feature and a template function in which you can save your favorite designs, and then later simply drag & drop new photographs onto the existing ones to create a complete new book design. As a result, large-volume layouts can now be completed extremely fast.

AsukaBook Superior Recognition

AsukaBook has received Hot One Awards in 2005, 2007, 2008, 2010 and 2011 in the Contemporary/Unmatted Photo Album category. The Professional Photographer Hot One Awards honor the photography industry's best new products for professional application. The mission of the awards is to provide Professional Photographer magazine's readership with a compendium of the newest, hottest, most innovative products available.

Message From AsukaNet CEO and AsukaBook USA President

Over the years, AsukaBook has been your favorite resource for the highest quality coffee-table style books. We've lead the way with new product innovations and service, and we've helped your businesses grow along with us - thank you for your feedback and support.

Many of you have requested that we offer design software in the past and we are happy to announce our new design software, AsukaBook Maker 2. We couldn't wait to share this user-friendly program and itfs many cool features with you!

Most current album design programs are complicated - bloated with too many little needed functions that only serve to complicate the design process.

AsukaBook Maker 2 was developed with one goal: speed and efficiency of album design. As a bonus, we also include image enhancing tools and beautiful design templates, ready for you to add your imagery.

Our goal with AsukaBook Maker 2 was to find the perfect balance of simplicity and sophistication. Wefve included all of the essentials for professional looking design, without the learning curve. There are features for both the beginning and advanced user.

We would greatly appreciate your feedback on AsukaBook Maker 2 as we plan to continually improve this software to meet your needs.
Now, the finest quality book printing is complemented by the most elegant and efficient way to design them.

Yukio Fukuda
CEO, Asukanet
  Kevin Kubota
President, AsukaBook USA