Create and Save Layout Templates

You can save layouts that you have created as custom layout templates and reuse them when designing other spreads in ASUKABOOK Maker 2.

To create a layout template, arrange your images on a page or page spread. You may then either click on the Pages tab, find the page or page spread, right-click on the thumbnail, and select 'Save as Layout Template' or right-click on the actual spread and select 'Save as Layout Template.'


Select to add to one of your current collections or click 'Organize Collections' to create a new collection. You can choose one of the three layout options to save the template as. Once you have made your decision, click 'OK', enter a name for the template in the following dialog box and then click 'OK.'


To view all of your saved templates go to the Templates Tab and select a custom folder name from the drop-down menu. To use a layout template, simply drag and drop it into the design area.