Loaded with tools to easily enhance images and to design an AsukaBook!

AsukaBook Maker 2 has a simple and easy to use interface. Various functions are conveniently grouped together and are accessible with the click of a button. In addition, inserting images and layouts, as well as applying masks and Kubota Sloppy Borders, can be done quickly by dragging and dropping in the design area. AsukaBook Maker 2 provides rulers and guides to assist in laying out a balanced design. There are also many image enhancement tools included. Best of all, you can create and save design templates to reuse when creating new book layouts.

The extensive variety of convenient functions included in the software will allow you to meticulously create your best photo books yet!

Now you can further allocate and arrange your images on each page of your book before you design with the new Organizer layout option!

Primary Features of AsukaBook Maker 2

Images can be easily organized and edited like never before with this software. Numerous efficient and revolutionary functions allow you to quickly and easily create high-quality photo books.


Decide As You Go, Use Auto layout, or Use Organizer to Allocate First

When starting a book you can decide to create each page by page, you can use the Auto Layout option to create an instant layout, or you can use the new Organizer option to allocate the images for each page of the book before you get started designing allowing you create an overall layout and concept first, and then focus just on the design!


Many Preset Layout Templates

There are many preset layout templates provided for free! Just drag a layout template onto a spread and drag images into the layout areas. Images are automatically resized and arranged according to the size of the layout template while preserving the aspect ratio.



Create Custom Layout Templates

Not only can you choose from the layouts included with the software, but you can simply create your own custom layouts too!



Arrange Images & Apply Enhancements Simply by Drag & Drop

Drag the images from your Images tab into the design area. You can freely arrange the images or you may drag a layout template onto the spread to drop your images into. Once you have arranged the images as desired, you may drag masks or Sloppy Borders onto the image to frame and complete the image and design.


Many Image Editing and Design Tools and Functions

In addition to basic functions such as rotate, insert text, create graphics and define background color, advanced features such as drop shadows, keylines, image adjustments, fade image into, transparency, masks, and 10 of Kevin Kubota's Sloppy Borders are also available. You are now also able to save your custom effects to reuse on other images for consistency and ease.


Create Your Own Reusable Book Design Templates

This is a must-see for anyone who is too busy taking photographs to find the time for laying out a book! You can save book design templates you have created, and then reuse the templates by simply replacing the images in the layout with new images. To change photos, simply drag and drop the new images on top of the existing ones. This allows for easy creation of consistent, well-designed photo books.



Simply Convert Your Design to a New Size or Format

Designed layouts can quickly be converted into other book sizes or book types at any time during the design process or after a book design has been completed. This is a very convenient function to produce multiple smaller copies for family and friends.



Preview Your Design like Flipping through a Book

You can click on the 'Preview' button at any time when designing to see the progress of the design and to review the finished book layout.