Reusable Book Design Templates

You can design a new photo book simply by replacing the current images in a design with new images! This is perfect if you have limited time, enjoy consistency, or love what you have previously created.

Reusable templates are a convenient function for converting a photo book created with AsukaBook Maker into a book design template. Image enhancements, using various functions such as color adjustments and frame attributes are retained. You only need to replace the images in the design in order to make a new complete photo book layout. You may use a design that you create yourself or use the free AsukaBook introductory sample layout (coming soon). AsukaBook will eventually have professional layouts that bay be purchased online.

Simply replace with images from a new client.

Using Templates

Easy and convenient replacement using your own book design templates.

ASUKABOOK Maker 2 is loaded with a variety of functions that allow you to easily create professional quality coffee table books. Because some people feel that it takes too much time to create and edit designs and layouts for each individual customer, reusable templates easily resolves this problem. In addition, you can improve your workflow and reduce costs. Now you can create several designs when you have the time, and convert them into templates. Then, all you need to do is replace the images in the templates. Since you create the templates yourself, you can imagine the completed photo book as you are taking photographs, resulting in an extremely efficient process.