Using Book Design Templates

You can simply drag and drop images onto other images in a book design to create a new photo book layout.

Basic Use Method

Open template data
Open a saved book file.

Open a book file you have created which you would like to use as book design template.

Load new images
Load new images.

Open an Image folder in an Images tab.

Switch images
Switch images
Replace images.

Drag and drop the new client's images onto the existing images to replace them. When dragging an image from the Images tab onto an image already on a spread, the "Drag&Drop to replace" feature will be shown in the center of the image. Drop the new image in that area to replace the current image. All effects such as keylines and masks will be saved.

Check images
Preview the design.

It is important to review the entire book design to ensure that all images have been replaced with the new client's images.

Output PDF file
Export a PDF.

Generate a PDF and open the PDF for final review. Once you are confident with your design, you are ready to place an AsukaBook Order.