Resize a Book Design

Designed layouts can quickly be converted into other book sizes or book types at any time during the design process or after a book design has been completed. This is a very convenient function to produce multiple smaller copies for family and friends.

When designing, a design can be easily converted into a smaller (not larger) size in the same format (i.e. a square to a square, vertical to a vertical, and a horizontal to a horizontal). You may also change the Type of Book, Number of Sides, Page Finish and Color Profile. If you would like to change the book properties at any time, go to Tools > Change Book Type.

After any changes are made, please review the entire layout to ensure no undesired shifting has occurred.

When exporting your design as a PDF, you can also select other book properties such as Type of Cover, Page Finish, Hot Stamp Text, Hot Stamp Text content, Hot Stamp Text Color, Order Quantity, and Client Reference, you will have the option to do so before exporting a PDF.

  Resize Function