12. Order a Book

12-1 AsukaBook Registration

If you decide you want to use AsukaBook Maker 2 to design an AsukaBook to order, you must first register as an AsukaBook customer.

(If you are currently registered with AsukaBook, proceed to 12-2 Create a PDF.)

After registering, you will receive a registration confirmation email that will contain your User ID/Activation Code. (Registrations are processed in approximately two business days.)

Once you have received your Activation Code, you may complete a design in AsukaBook Maker 2 and create a PDF for an AsukaBook order.

12-2 Create a PDF

After completing a designed layout of a book, click on the 'Export PDF file for Order,' go to File > Export PDF file, or Cmd + E for Mac or Ctrl + e for PC.

12-1-1 Exporting a PDF for an Order

You will first be prompted to either Preview or Export PDF file. Please click 'Preview' to proof read and double-check the design. The AsukaBook team does review each file received as a courtesy to our customers, however it is solely your responsibility to ensure that your order is free of typographical errors, graphical errors (observing trim lines and image placement), and/or poor image quality.

Once you are confident about your design, close out of the preview mode and click 'Export PDF file.' Please ensure all of book properties are correct and complete the remaining fields and options. To proceed, click 'OK,' enter desired filename, select file destination and click 'Save.' A PDF of the designed book will be generated. Once the file has exported you may click 'AsukaBook® Website' to create an order/upload your file, or you may click 'OK' and complete your order later.

12-3 Place an AsukaBook Order

After creating a PDF with AsukaBook Maker 2, you may place an AsukaBook order for a book online or via mail order. Click HERE to visit an AsukaBook website to learn more about your ordering options or to login to your AsukaBook account online.