2. Getting Started

2-1 Creating a Book File

To begin creating a book with AsukaBook Maker 2, you must first create a new book file. The steps creating a new book file with AsukaBook Maker 2 and opening an existing book file are described below.

2-1-1 Creating Book Files

To create a book file, click 'New Book' or 'New Book in Organizer' from the AsukaBook Maker 2 Home screen.

  1. Open AsukaBook Maker 2.
  2. Click 'New Book,' go to File > New, or Cmd + N on a Mac or Ctrl + N on a PC.
    Click 'New Book in Organizer,' go to File > Organizer, or Cmd + N on a Mac or Ctrl + N on a PC.
  3. Select the options for the book you want to create.
    * See "1-4 Product Lineup" for more information about the types of books available.

2-1-2 Saving Book Files

After creating a book file, it must be saved, or all data will be lost. To Save, go to File > Save, or Cmd + S on a Mac or Ctrl + S on a PC.

To save a book file with a new name:

  1. Go to File > Save As, or Cmd + Shift + S on a Mac or Ctrl + Shift + S on a PC.
  2. The dialog box for saving a book file opens.
  3. Enter the name of the book file in the File field in the dialog box.
  4. Select the Save Format (One File, Packaged or Linked).
  5. Click 'Save.'
2-1-3 Opening Book Files

To open a book file that has already been saved, click 'Open Book from the AsukaBook Maker 2 Home screen.

To open a book file:

  1. Open AsukaBook Maker 2.
  2. Click 'Open Book,' go to File > Open, or Cmd + O on a Mac or Ctrl + O on a PC.
  3. Select the book file you want to use and click 'Open.'

Multiple book files cannot be opened simultaneously in AsukaBook Maker 2. If you attempt to create a new book or open a saved book file and a book file is currently open, you must first close that book file before you may continue.

2-1-4 Closing Book Files

Before starting a new book design, opening a saved design or quiting ABM2, be sure to save the current book file.

To close a book file:

  1. Ensure their is currently a book file open.
  2. Go to File > Close, or Cmd W on a Mac or Ctrl + W on a PC.
  3. Click 'Cancel' to stop from closing the file, 'No' to not save the file or 'Save.'
2-2 Menu Bar

The menu bar functions are described below.





2-2-1 AsukaBook Maker 2

About AsukaBook Maker... - Software details.
Preferences... - Software settings.
Updates... - Check for software updates.
Services - The services are programs that accept input from the user selection, process it, and optionally put the result back in the clipboard.
Hide AsukaBook Maker - Hides the application window.
Hide Others - Hides all open windows other than ABM2.
Show All - Unhides any hidden windows.
Quit AsukaBook Maker - Quits the application.

2-2-2 File

New... - Start a new book design.
Open... - Open a saved book design.
Save - Save the current book design.
Save As... - Save the current book design with a new name.
Close - Close the current book design.
Book Info... - Shows book details.

2-2-3 Edit

Undo - It erases the last change done to the document reverting it to an older state.
Redo - The redo command reverses the undo or advances the buffer to a more current state.
Cut - Remove something and save it on a clipboard to paste elsewhere.
Copy - Copy something to a clipboard to paste elsewhere.
Paste - Place something from the clipboard that has been saved their by cutting or copying.
Paste Effects - Paste only the effects that were copied.
Clear - Removes all images and objects from the Page.
Special Characters - A menu of special characters that may be inserted when using the text feature.

2-2-4 Document

Show Rulers - Show/hide Rulers.
Show Guides - Show/hide Guides.
Snap to Guides - Snap images and objects to Guides.
Ruler Units - Inches, mm, pixels and %.
Zoom Level - Select zoom level to view the window.
Export - Export the spread as an AsukaBook Maker page.
Replace - Replace with Page file or JPEG file, or replace all Pages with JPEG file.
Export as Template - Save the layout as a template to reuse. The template will be displayed in on your Templates Menu.

2-2-5 Tools

Preview - Opens the design in preview mode.
Export PDF File - Generates an AsukaBook PDF of the book design.
Change Book Type - Adjust the book details.
Account Info - Display and/or update the User ID/Activation Code.
Options -

2-2-6 Window

Window Options - Options to consolidate, tile, cascade or close all pages.
Tools - Shows/hides the Tool Bar.
Pages - Shows/hides the Pages Menu.
Templates - Shows/hides the Template Menu.
Sloppy Borders - Shows/hides the Sloppy Borders Menu.
Masks - Shows/hides the Masks Menu.
New Image Folder - Opens a new window to open a new folder in.
Folder [Pictures] - The open Image Folders are listed here. Folder [folder name]
Fix Panel Positions - If checked, tabs cannot be closed.
Save Panel Locations - Saves the location of the Menu Panel Windows.
Restore Saved Panel Locations- Reverts the locations of the Menu Panel Windows to the saved locations.
Restore the default workspace - Reverts the locations of the Menu Panel Windows to the default locations.

2-2-6 Help

Search - Search the software.
AsukaBook Maker Help... - Link to AsukaBook Maker 2 Online Manual.
AsukaBook Maker Website... - Link to AsukaBook Maker 2 website.