3. Book Properties

3-1 Overview of Book Properties

When starting a new book, you must select Type of Book, Book Size, Number of Sides, Page Finish and Color Profile.

To view the book properties of the current book you are designing, go to File > Book Info. If you would like to change the book properties at any time go to Tools > Change Book Type. If you have updated the design, before you are able to change any of the book properties, you will be prompted to save your current design.

The cover type and Hot Stamp text details can be selected when generating a PDF.

3-1-1 Increasing or Decreasing Number of Sides

When you increase the amount of sides in the book, two-page spreads are added to the back of the book. The last page will still remain as the last page when the additional pages are added. If you increase the amount of pages, the cover size of the book may also increase. Be sure to review the layout of the cover to ensure shifting has not occurred.

When reducing the number of sides in a book, a dialog box will appear to select the pages to be deleted. Only two-page spreads can be selected.

3-1-2 Changing Book Size (Resizing)

Changes in book style (book type and book size) can only be done from larger sizes to smaller sizes. This is also limited to products with the same aspect ratio (ie. a square to a square, a vertical to a vertical, and a horizontal to a horizontal).

3-1-3 Other Book Properties

To select other book properties such as Type of Cover, Page Finish, Hot Stamp Text, Hot Stamp Text content, Hot Stamp Text Color, Order Quantity, and Client Reference, you will have the option to do so before exporting a PDF.