9. Color Picker

9-1 Select Color Dialog Box

This is the common dialog box used when selecting a color. You can select a color from the AsukaBook Safe Colors (160 colors recommended by AsukaBook) or from the full color spectrum.

9-1-1 Change Dialog Box

Click on 'ASUKABOOK(R) Safe Color' or 'Full Color' to go between the safe colors and the full color spectrum dialog boxes. Click on any color to select desired color or you can enter RGB values manually (Full Color only) then click 'OK' to set the color.

9-1-2 Add Colors to your Swatch

You can save colors that are used often for effects such as background colors, objects, keylines, and Sloppy Borders, for convenient access in your personalized color swatch.

You can add a color that is used frequently to the swatch by selecting a color and clicking 'Add to Swatches.' The color will appear in the swatch list and you are able enter a custom name for it.