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AsukaBook Maker 2 is premier design software to create professional quality coffee table books.

AsukaBook is an online coffee table book production service that creates original and exquisite books. Many professional photographers and designers choose AsukaBook for its world-renowned quality and exceptional customer service. There are many styles, sizes, page numbers, page finishes, cover types and case options available. Using your images and design, AsukaBook can create one or many, professional quality coffee table books for you.

AsukaBook Maker 2 (ABM2) is a comprehensive design software available exclusively to AsukaBook customers. ABM2 is an easy to use software for the sole purpose of creative and efficient book layout design. Experience the simple, convenient and high quality image editing features. Take advantage of the variety of layout templates, Sloppy Borders, Masks, and many other image enhancement tools. Also try the new Auto Layout option, or the new Organizer option to select the images to allocate, before you start designing. We promise to make your design time more efficient and manageable than ever!

5 Points


Easy to use layout templates and tools make designing quick and fun.


AsukaBook Maker 2 is the only software you will need to design your AsukaBook.


This software is our free gift to you. No need to purchase other layout software to create your AsukaBook.


Allocate images before you design with the new Organizer option. You also have your choice of many built in templates, as well as a variety of other great tools.