AsukaBook Maker


Premier Design Software to Create Professional Quality Coffee Table Books

Experience the simple, convenient image editing features, as well as Auto Layout and Organizer design options. Take advantage of the variety of layout templates, Sloppy Borders, Masks, and many other image enhancement tools.

We promise to make your design time more efficient and manageable than ever!

Primary Features of AsukaBook Maker 2

Images can be easily organized and edited like never before with this software. Numerous efficient and revolutionary functions allow you to quickly and easily create high-quality photo products.

Decide As You Go, Use Auto layout, or Use Organizer to Allocate First
Create page by page; use the Auto Layout option for an instant layout; or use the Organizer to allocate the images to each page prior to design allowing you create an overall layout and concept first, and then focus just on the design!

Many Preset Layout Templates
There are many preset layout templates to choose from. Just drag a layout template onto the canvas and drag images into the image openings. Images are automatically resized and arranged according to the size of the layout template while preserving the aspect ratio.

Create Custom Layouts
Not only can you choose from the pre-designed templates,  you can also create your own custom layouts too!

Image Editing, Design Tools and Functions
Features such as drop shadows, keylines, image adjustments, fade image into, transparency, masks, and 10 of Kevin Kubota's Sloppy Borders are also available. You are now also able to save your custom effects to reuse on other images for consistency and ease.

Create Your Own Reusable Book Design Templates
Save a spread, or an entire book layout as a template and reuse on a future project by replacing the old images with the new. To change photos, simply drag and drop the new images on top of the existing ones. This allows for easy creation of consistent, well-designed photo books.

Convert Your Design to a New Size or Different Book Style
Designed layouts can quickly be converted into other book sizes or book sttles at any time during the design process or after a book design has been completed. This is a very convenient function to produce multiple smaller copies for family and friends.